Category Product design
Year 2017

Art Direction Margaret Waiyego Zollinger
Modeling Margaret Waiyego Zollinger

FOLD backpacks are the embodiment of true dedication to craftsmanship and textile design. The organic allover prints are drawn by hand and immanently transferred to the textile by means of a transfer print. This is the secret why no Fold backpack will ever be alike. Since further treatments of the textile are not necessary, this printing process is particularly environment-friendly. With a high resistance to UV rays the print also guarantees an excellent color fastness.
The straps, made of recycled material, ensure optimal weight distribution on the shoulders and are a clear statement to the product’s uniqueness. The symbiotic fusion of the classic gym bag and technoid influenced design, makes the Fold backpack your stylish partner-in-crime for your everyday adventures.

Services Textile + Product design, Art direction, Photography