Client Architects, Interior Design 
Category Study project
Year 2013

Material Design Margaret Waiyego Zollinger
Photography Margaret Waiyego Zollinger

Polymers are known to be super absorbents.
One of its key features is its ability to absorb liquid versus repelling it, even under pressure. Upon contact with any form of liquid the polymers swell to many times its original size and form a hydrogel.
This principle is the backbone of the BIδ invention. Its filigrees knits is made up of several hydro gels,knitted and strung together to form a curtain. The curtain absorbs water when exposed to it and releases it gradually through evaporation. It is by waterevaporation that BIδ can contribute to a comfortableroom temperature and increase the humidity in aliving space, making it a natural air conditioner. 

Service Material Design, Illustration